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Lorde - 17
Queen Nefertiti - 3384


Lorde - 17

Queen Nefertiti - 3384

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Artfully Artless is hosting a giveaway!

In celebration of over 500 followers, and over 100 shop faves on etsy, I am hosting my first ever giveaway.


  • Must be following Songsofthesilent
  • Reblogs count as an entry - One reblog per person.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate.
  • Feel free to follow the ArtfullyArtless etsy shop and facebook page 
  • Winner will br drawn using a random generator program.
  • Deadline is March 1st, 2014
  • I will ship everything for free.

What you will get:

  1. Hand Painted wooden box
  2. Hand painted Mink skull
  3. Mouse skull fragment in a glass vial
  4. Mink vertebra 
  5. Mink Leg Bone
  6. Porcupine Rib
  7. Drilled bobcat claw
  8. Drilled Coyote tooth
  9. Turtle Claw
  10. Coyote Claw
  11. Porcupine Claw
  12. Atlas moth cocoon
  13. Snail shell 
  14. Cicada Nymph Shell
  15. Fire anemone spine
  16. Polished Sea Shell
  17. Polished Sea Glass
  18. Hone tumbled and polished stone
  19. Crab claw in glass vial
  20. Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly wing in glass vial
  21. Beetle Ossuary Necklace
  22. Hand painted doll eye adjustable ring
  23. Porcupine Quill
  24. One Fine art print.

Good luck!

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Why was


Afraid of






badum tsss.

if you understand this you are welcomed into the group of uber-whovian gladly

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Anonymous asked: You have really nice tits. I love how soft your butt is


me too

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